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Resource Request Status Definitions
Status Definition
Ready to be Assigned This is the default entry of a RR entry as it is created via the Inbound Activity Log board when an OPS Chief or other controller creates the RR record.
Assigned This entry has been tasked or submitted to their Dispatch Center and/or ESF team is working the issue.
Moved to Responder/Dispatch This entry has been tasked and ESF team is working the issue. (This is available for clarity and is the preferred status option for when the RR is actively being worked.)
New Request The ESF assigned to the current task needs another ESF tasked to this task as well. They have either completed the work and it needs to go elsewhere, or they need additional support for this RR entry.
Rejected The RR entry has been tasked to the wrong ESF and the OPS Chief needs to reassign it to a different ESF.
Complete The RR entry has been finished and no further action is required.
Cancelled The RR entry was in error and should be cancelled. The issue itself was cancelled by the initiator before any work could be done on it, or the ESF contacted the initiator of the entry and support is no longer required.
Closed The RR entry required no action and was simply closed.
In Progress The RR entry is currently being worked on by the ESF group.
Need More Information More information is needed before ESF can continue working on the RR entry.