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Board Definitions
Name of Board Purpose Who Can Input Information Actions Required
EOC Timeline View timeline of required actions by EOC personnel. Situation Unit Update information as the situations change.
File Library Contains documents utilized as reference for EOC management. All Documents need to be updated to the most current version.
Inbound Activity Log Displays all information that is relevant to the current incident. All Update information as the situation changes.
Resource Requests Use to request and track mission and resource requests. Most Users Ensure requests contain all necessary information. Respond to and update missions that are assigned to you.
Sign In/ Sign Out Displays the names, positions and contact information for all personnel on-sift at the EOC during an event. All Users Must sign in at the beginning of your shift.
Must sign out at the end of your shift.
Significant Events Used for incidents and/or decisions that are important for multiple agencies to know about, that may have an impact on tactics and operations. All users can enter.
Situation Unit Leader acts as the Significant Events Controller.
User must check an entry/event in their position log to post to the Significant Events Board. The Significant Events Controller will review and verify the entry is significant before it is posted.