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Damage Assessments are Conducted in Order to

  1. Guide Leon County response efforts;
  2. Determine the severity and magnitude of the event;
  3. Quantify the damage to homes and businesses impacted by the disaster;
  4. Assess the need for federal assistance and estimate disaster impact to businesses, individuals and families; and
  5. Determine whether local resources will be sufficient to effectively respond and recover from the incident.

Initial Damage Assessment Teams

Immediately following a disaster, an Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) is conducted to determine approximately the amount of damages caused to the County.

As part of this team you will be assigned a County phone that has access to the Leon County Initial Damage Assessment Application (IDA App). This application leverages the latest in GIS technology by extending the Field Map application.

Most questions regarding the IDA App can be found in the troubleshooting section of this website.