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Calltakers are Needed in Order to

  1. Guide Hamilton County response efforts;
  2. Determine the severity and magnitude of the event;
  3. Quantify the damage to homes and businesses impacted by the disaster;
  4. Assess the need for assistance and estimate disaster impact to businesses, individuals and families; and
  5. Assist our citizens.

Quick Tips

The shift leader will assign you a computer, log into WEB EOC, and assist you with the sign-in.

Keep three browser tabs open at all times--the Hamilton County Emergency Notices, this call taker guide, and WEB EOC. (Open a new tab, or use "open link in new tab" so that you don’t leave the WebEOC page) The Florida Disaster Guide is pinned to the wall of your cubicle along with other handy information.

Greeting: "Hamilton County Emergency Management, this is [your first name], how can I help you?"

Hit the break button on your phone during the current call to prevent another call coming through once you hang up.

We answer questions using only the information found on the Hamilton County Emergency Information Portal, the whiteboard in the CIL room, and the State of Florida Disaster Guide. If you get a question you can’t answer using these resources, ask the caller if you can place them on hold, hit the hold button, then ask your shift leader.

You may direct callers to the websites included in this guide as a resource for them to reference, but we do not give out information from these third party sites.

Hit the break button on your phone EVERY time you leave your station.

Log every call into WebEOC. EVERY CALL, EVERY TIME.